Christian Science nurses hone their skills in Level III Training

Some may say that being a Christian Science nurse is challenging. The physical and emotional beliefs that Christian Science nurses (CSNs) encounter in their work can be, at times, startling, and it requires a deep humility and selflessness on the part of the CSN to stay physically and mentally alert at all times. Yet, because that alertness is governed by a deep understanding of and reliance on God, this work is also highly rewarding.

As individuals advance in their practice of the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing, they often choose to go through formal training programs that support their professional development. At Broadview, we offer such support through four levels of Christian Science nurse education in addition to a mentoring program. The schedule for these courses varies, but recently, several CSNs were impelled to apply for Level III training, and we have loved witnessing their growth!

Delmy Menendez is one our students. As a Christian Science nurse at Broadview for a couple of years now, she chose to take the course so that she could help patients on a deeper level. She views working as a CSN as an “opportunity to serve God by serving His children.”

Delmy also shared, “I decided to do the training here at Broadview because it is where my home, family, and friends are. What makes Broadview unique is how everyone genuinely loves one another.”

Gloria Beasley (l.) and Delmy Menendez (r.); Jaclyn Murdaugh not pictured.
Gloria Beasley (l.) and Delmy Menendez (r.); Jaclyn Murdaugh not pictured.

The two other students agreed. In fact, in our discussions with each of the Level III students, it was clear that training at Broadview is one of the great rewards of being a CSN! They love the all-embracing community, the gratitude of the guests here, and the loving-kindness of their fellow CSNs.

Gloria Beasley shared that the inspiration to further her skills through this program came from a passage in the Bible. “The passage is about the Good Samaritan1 who bound his neighbor’s wounds and took care of Him with inspiration (oil and wine). I thought I could do the same thing and look forward to becoming a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse in the future.” (Read more about Gloria’s journey into Christian Science nursing here.)

Christian Science Nursing Education manager, Melanie Pilonieta, who runs the education program, explains, “In Level III, you’re building on what you already know as a Christian Science nurse. It is a busier workload, extra cares, and a more independent work ethic.”

“After Level III training, these Christian Science nurses are seen as ‘senior’ CSNs. We teach hard skills such as advanced cleansing and bandaging as well as soft skills, like effective time management and how to be a leader and mentor. The primary purpose of this course is to give CSNs the ability to make key decisions within the context of patient care for themselves [rather than relying on the support of a supervisor],” Pilonieta added.

The third student, Jacquelyn Murdaugh, is thrilled to be taking part in the Level III course. She shared some of the reasons why: “…we received hands-on skills training with the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service that Broadview provides to the community. Going into the homes of Christian Scientists and attending to their needs in their home environment was very enlightening. [it was wonderful to see clients] very relaxed.”

Jacquelyn also loved the opportunity to hear insights from a CSN who works at a Christian Science camp in the summertime and a Bible scholar, who shared her knowledge of the Old and New Testaments in the context of Christian Science nursing. “It opened our hearts to the law of the Bible and how to study it along with the [Christian Science] Bible Lesson. This was an exciting class for me; I so enjoyed all the diversity of teaching that was given to the class. It kept us excited about learning!”

All of our Christian Science nurses are shining examples of the “soldiers of Christ” referred to in Hymn 312 of the Christian Science Hymnal. Every day, they arise and put their [spiritual] armor on to “wrestle, fight, and pray” for the freedom and harmony of the individuals in their care. It is a joy to support them in this quest and to see the inspiration and healing that results.

1Luke 10:33


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