Challenging the Claims of Mental Impositions in Care-Giving


There is no field of study and practice better equipped than Christian Science to challenge the world beliefs of mental impositions, from the claims of aging to any disarrangement of thought and the approaches to daily care that are generally sought.

This workshop is intended to bring us together for a spiritually empowering perspective, to explore best practices in proper care, experiences we have learned from, and “breakthrough” moments of healing that we have witnessed.

Let’s link arms, for a glad day, attuned with “faith’s fond trust” in this “age of Love’s divine adventure to be All-in-all.” (My. 158)

Tricia Chantha

Tricia Chantha is a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner since 2005 and has been a volunteer Christian Science practitioner for Broadview for the past several years. In 2016, Tricia unexpectedly became the primary live-in caretaker for her mom, who moved into Tricia’s home requiring round-the-clock assistance. In the trenches of day-to-day nursing care, where the limits of human love are constantly tested, Tricia has learned that only through the guidance of creative Mind and divine Love are we able to find real perspective on how to sustain loving care for others, and ourselves as caregivers.

Wendy Carpenter

Wendy Carpenter is a private duty nurse with a background in elder care, memory care as well as a specialty in dementia care. She has received training as a Medical Assistant and Medical Instructor.  She is a wealth of practical wisdom and proper care, lives by the Golden Rule, and values all she’s learning of the Christian Science approach to life, health and care-giving. In her own words “I’d love to always work with Christian Scientists”.

Thursday October 24th, 2019 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

4570 Griffin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90031

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