Broadview’s 2024 Garden Party

Witness Broadview Blossoming!

Come learn and explore the theme of innovation and creativity as the driving force behind Broadview’s blossoming success. We would be delighted if you could join us on Saturday, June 29th. Kindly RSVP by June 24th.

Featured Guest Speaker

Libby Jones

Libby Jones is a Christian Science Practitioner, who has spent her life living, loving and sharing the effectiveness of Christian Science.

Libby was raised in Texas, with active Christian Science Practitioners in her family, who nurtured her relationship with God, through their study, practice and love of living Christian Science. As a young adult, she furthered her study of Christian Science, took Class Instruction, and embraced the Christian Science Practice.

She values the comfort of the demonstrable aspect of Christian Science. And, she knows how essential it is that others see they can apply Christian Science throughout their day and experience good results quickly, no matter how new they are to learning about it.

Throughout the years, she has worked in the farm equipment auction business, banking, and financial services industry. She was also a Montessori teacher for Parent Education & 0-3 year olds. Her creative focus has lead her from modeling to marketing, sales and social media, writing, and working with an International peace conference in Botswana. As a curator, business owner and entrepreneur, her focus has always been to serve others, lead with gratitude, and promote being a peacemaker.

Libby and her husband Robin, live in Northern California and have seven children. They have approached parenting with the practical and spiritual perspective Christian Science teaches, resulting in spiritual tools their children can use and benefit from everyday. And now, they get to share this love and understanding with their grandchildren.

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