April 2023 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Greetings, dear ones!

We’ve shared in the past how these spiritual activities aren’t truly confined to any day, however, sometimes an activity has proved perfect for its designated date. For example, we got a call from a Spiritual Activities Calendar participant appreciating the March 15 activity to: “Resort to the Lord’s strong habitation to steady your thoughts.” She had received news that a second devasting cyclone had just hit Malawi, in southern Africa, and she found the spiritual activity a very fitting basis for her prayers. Her call inspired prayers at Broadview for the situation and gratitude for the calendar sparking awareness for such prayer.

We trust this month holds similar opportunities. The April Lesson subjects cover difficult topics, but they are filled with loving assurances of God’s infinite goodness, of our being forever shepherded, and of divine Love’s everlasting mercy. There’s plenty of support for facing our own challenges, as well as those of the world, and tackling each day’s activity with confident joy.

Happy, holy Easter to you all, too!


Tracy Colerider-Krugh
Broadview, Inc.
Activities/Volunteer Coordinator

Activities to inspire acts of kindness and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons


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