Annual Meeting 2015 – The Time for Healing is Now! (AUDIO)

“It was a fabulous meeting from start to finish. The Broadview staffers were all sensational…Blessings to all of you that are working so hard to help and heal others. You are all doing a magnificent work!! With gratitude and joy to witness what you all are doing!” – Annual Meeting 2015 attendee

2015 Annual Meeting Poster of co-sponsors

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This year’s Annual Meeting had an extra special feel to it. For some, it was the Irish uilleann pipes and bagpipes welcoming our guests, the colorful lanterns dancing among the trees in our garden, or the #19 golf hole engrafted in our lawn in honor of our featured speaker. For others, it was the joy, laughter, smiles, and inspiration emanating from each and every individual present. But, for us, it was the opportunity to share the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing with so many face-to-face and to express gratitude for all of those who enable this ministry to continue – our staff, our guests, our Board and volunteers, our donors, our local churches, and you!

We love every chance we get to see our Broadview “family” and so appreciate all of those who were with us for the day and who made the meeting such a great success. To relive the memories and the fun, be sure to check out our Annual Meeting 2015 photo album in our photo gallery.

Below, you can listen to a portion of our Christian Science Nurses’ panel and to the complete audio of Brian Kissock’s talk. Both focus on our theme for the meeting, “The Time for Healing is Now!”

Christian Science Nurses’ panel:

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Brian Kissock, CSB is a Christian Science practitioner, lecturer, and member of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship. Formerly a pro golfer, Brian loves sharing God’s laws of harmony. Listen to his talk on “The Time for Healing is Now!” here.

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