2017 Annual Meeting: Staff Presentation

On Saturday September 23, Broadview hosted their 2017 Annual Meeting. The program included presentations by staff, board, and featured guest speaker Dr. Shirley Paulson. Below you’ll find a summary of the staff presentation.

  • Melanie Peterson, Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing, opened the staff presentation with a slideshow of the many 2nd (and even 3rd!) Generation Christian Science Nurses who are serving at our Broadview facility. It was a touching presentation showing grandmothers, mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons passing along their calling to serve the cause of Christian Science from generation to generation. Some of the Christian Science Nurses honored were the Soeprapto, McLeod, and Bernauer families…to call out only a few of the twenty five Christian Science nurses who were mentioned. Melanie closed by saying, “We are grateful for all these wonderful [Christian Science] nurses and families who have graced our floor here at Broadview.”


  • Janie Jordan, Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing, followed with a personal anecdote about her family. She shared that her mother was a Baptist, or as Janie put it, “a closet Christian Scientist” – arousing many entertained laughs from the audience. Janie recently returned home from visiting her siblings in the Midwest – finding a great deal of peace after spending time with them. Janie attributes her mother’s love, prayers, and healing examples in Christian Science to overcoming, “the usual trials most people have gone through.” Her mother’s prayers reminded her of these passages from The Bible: Luke 13:20-21 and John 17:20-22.


  • Melanie Pilonieta, Manager of Christian Science Nursing Education, shared with guests some of the incredible individuals who supported and contributed to Broadview’s education program this year. She went on to honor various guest speakers from events hosted by Broadview – including Bonnie Castroman, Manager of Christian Science Nursing Activities at The Mother Church in Boston; and Penny Swank, Director of Christian Science Nursing Education at Peace Haven in St. Louis. Melanie concluded her presentation with gratitude for The Albert Baker Fund, as well as a heartfelt acknowledgement of Broadview’s Summer Intern Hannah Rackham, saying, “I feel that everyone has the capacity to be an example, and Hannah taught me that the younger generation is not without dedication and maturity.”


  • Patty Turner, Director of Christian Science Visiting Nurse Service, discussed what has changed within the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service at Broadview. She began with introductions of new staff and explained the new transitions in management as well. Statistics show that Broadview’s Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service has serviced 45 new patients since last year’s Annual Meeting. She closed by saying, “It is a joy and a privilege to work side by side with all of Broadview – who in their respective roles as Christian Science nurses, administrators, board members, or support staff are assisting to fulfill our leader’s manual bylaw for the Christian Science Nurse.”


  • Tracy Colerider-Krugh, Activities Director and Volunteer Coordinator, began by thanking all devoted Broadview volunteers. She then delved right into sharing the results of this year’s Periodical Workshop on the importance of writing for our Christian Science Periodicals. Since 2006, Broadview has helped to publish 30 items – with 11 other pieces in progress at The Christian Science Publishing Society. Broadview will support future events similar to the one held last April, however it’s uncertain how it will unfold. Tracy says, “Whatever form it takes, it will bless our community, because it’s a healing activity, and it beautifully and powerfully  honors and obeys the two great commandments – to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It also supports us in fulfilling our responsibility of keeping a healing record. Whatever human generation we’re a part of, it goes way beyond that. It affirms the timeless, ever effective Science of the Christ, and our expression of the Eternal Now.”

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