Celebrating 75 Years of Service

As the modern day Inn of the Good Samaritan envisioned by our founders, thriving through the love of our Christian Science community.

Christian Science Nursing Education

Are you burning with desire to serve your fellow man? Consider Christian Science nursing!

Visiting Christian Science Nursing

For those needing care at home, Broadview’s Visiting Christian Science nurse service comes to you.

Supporting Healing Through Our Christian Science Nursing Ministry

Broadview is a tranquil sanctuary of respite and nurturing. It is a community where one’s true nature is seen and enveloped in love, where one feels at home and cared for as family. Our Christian Science nurses are trained to provide the utmost care, embodying and expressing the qualities of a Christian Science nurse, cheerfulness, compassion and patience.

News and Inspiration

December 2022 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Ah, the holiday season is upon us! Hallelujah! The month starts with a Bible Lesson encouraging us to praise the Lord. We must affirm this grateful joy for all humanity.

Monthly ENews – November 2022

Recently, I called a friend to offer some comfort. In one month, she lost her primary job, a cherished romance, and the place where she was living — with plenty of betrayal and unfairness all around.

November 2022 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Last month started and ended with activities inspired by God’s powerful hand which, no doubt, provided us courage to face that ‘naked’ question yesterday!