Do you know a young adult inspired to serve the Christian Science movement?

The Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corp is now accepting applications.

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We are seeking Christian Science Nurses (Facility & Visiting) at all levels for full-time and part-time employment.

Christian Science Nursing Education

Are you burning with desire to serve your fellow man? Consider Christian Science Nursing!

Visiting Christian Science Nursing

For those needing care at home, Broadview’s Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service comes to you.

Supporting Healing Through Our Christian Science Nursing Ministry

Broadview is a tranquil sanctuary of respite and nurturing. It is a community where one’s true nature is seen and enveloped in love, where one feels at home and cared for as family. Our Christian Science nurses are trained to provide the utmost care, embodying and expressing the qualities of a Christian Science Nurse, cheerfulness, compassion and patience.

How to Donate

Broadview’s original founders envisioned an “Inn of the Good Samaritan”, and our healing ministry continues today through your generosity. Your gifts ensure that our work continues for those in need, those seeking Christian Science Nursing education, and as a place our community can come together to support each other.

News and Inspiration

June 2021 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Activities to inspire love for our neighbor and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring is here and our gardens are bursting with blooms! Over the last year, we have taken advantage of our quiet time to do some much needed tree trimming and the sun has flooded our gardens with light.

May 2021 Spiritual Activities Calendar

Activities to inspire love for our neighbor and to deepen our study of our Bible Lessons

Advance Health Care Directive

An Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) allows a person to specify another adult to communicate or make health care decisions for him or her in the case of incapacity. For a Christian Scientist, having such a document prepared and in effect prior to a time of need is especially important. An AHCD can also allow the individual to state, in a legally recognized way, his or her desire to receive health care in accord with the theology and practice of Christian Science, and to refuse medical treatment. Having an AHCD in effect may be an important factor for an individual who is required to sign (or have a legal representative sign) a Medicare Election Form in order to use Medicare benefits to pay for Christian Science nursing care.

It is advisable for every adult to have an AHCD in place. An attorney can draw up a customized Advance Health Care Directive, or medically-oriented versions can be purchased at an office supply store. It is highly recommended that an attorney review your AHCD in order to be sure it complies with the laws of the state where you reside. Working with an attorney, Broadview has generated a draft AHCD that may be useful for many Christian Scientists living in California. You can access this document here: