Healing Moments – December 2015 Newsletter

Continuing to feel the Christ-presence today and everyday!

  • One of our guests appeared to lose consciousness while getting ready in the morning and was helped into bed to rest. The Christian Science nurse working in the room called the individual’s practitioner. Almost immediately, the guest got out of bed completely healed and went on with normal activities for the day.
  • From one of our Christian Science nurses: As I was preparing to start my shift, I felt a sharp pain in my elbow. I could barely move it without pain. But, my first thought was, “hey! I am about my Father’s business, and you can’t be here.” So, I totally focused on my holy calling as a Christian Science nurses and performed my “office as porter and shut out these unhealthy thoughts and fears.” (Science and Health 392:27) A few hours into my shift, I realized that the pain was gone, and I never thought about it, again. There is no better way to assert our God-given dominion than through Christian Science! For this, I am most grateful.

In honor of the Christmas season, we’d like to share with you Hymn 170 from the Christian Science Hymnal by John Greenleaf Whittier: The Birth of Christ Jesus

Let every creature hail the morn
On which the holy child was born,
And know, through God’s exceeding grace,
Release from things of time and place.
I listen, from no mortal tongue,
To hear the song the angels sung,
And wait within myself to know
The Christmas lilies bud and blow.

The outward symbols disappear
From him whose inward sight is clear,
And small must be the choice of days
To him who fills them all with praise.
Keep while ye need it, brothers mine,
With honest zeal your Christmas sign,
But judge not him who every morn
Feels in his heart the Lord Christ born.


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