The Inside Scoop – Our Santa Barbara Visiting Christian Science Nurse

Brynne Gray was introduced to Christian Science nursing while in college and worked one summer as a Christian Science nurse’s aide at the Benevolent Brynne Gray_profile picAssociation in San Francisco (before it became Broadview). After graduation, Class Instruction, and getting married, she was led to return to Christian Science nursing and completed a three-year training program at Broadview, which included working alongside a visiting Christian Science nurse in the Bay Area for a week. It was wonderful preparation for her next job as a Christian Science nurse at Principia College. After a while in that position, she decided to pursue an academic career (two MAs and one PhD) before returning to Christian Science nursing at Olive Glen in Sacramento. She became an instructor of nursing there and discovered that she loves teaching! In 2013, she moved to Santa Barbara. In September of that year, she met Laura Armstrong, the Director of Broadview’s Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service, at a conference, and, the rest, as they say, is history!

Brynne serves as our primary Christian Science nurse for Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties. She’ll tell you that she has the world’s best commute – along the ocean in Ventura County! Every day, she is reminded of the essential nature of this work to the healing mission of our church and is humbly grateful to be of service. We are happy to have her!

Our visiting Christian Science nurses do not charge for their service but depend on donations from individuals. Needed supplies are billed to the client. For more information, visit our Services page or call (877) 584-3744.


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