The Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corp

At the Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corps, we believe that young people are truly “the hope of our race”, as spiritual thinker and religious reformer Mary Baker Eddy once said. We create programs to provide our youth an empowering environment where they can fully embrace their perfection and gain all the skills they need to be leaders tomorrow through Christian Science Nursing facilities. We are an activity of the Youth Action Committee (YAC).

Are you ready for a lot of acronyms?

The Youth Action Committee is a working group of the Christian Science Nursing Collaborative (CSNC). The CSNC is comprised of individuals from the Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing (AOCSN), Christian Science Nursing Network (CSNN), and finally, the Philanthropy Forum for Christian Science Nursing and The Mother Church (TMC). All of these groups have lent volunteers, expertise, and insight into creating the projects you are seeing on this site! We readily communicate with each of these many groups to promote synergy – and healing!

Youth Service Corps Member Job Description

Program Type: ​Christian Science Nursing – Youth Service Corp Member
Temporary employee: ​Minimum wage per state facility
Work Schedule:​ 20 hours/week flexible schedule
Reports to:​ YSC Coordinator at CSN facility
Program Start/End Date:​ September 2021 – May 2022 Date prepared:​ June 3, 2020; updated Nov, 2020

Program benefits:​ Orientation/training in Christian Science nursing; professional experience; ​Good Samaritan Award/ABF Career Development Scholarship of $2500 to be made to a designated educational institution for degree completion and career development,​ upon successful completion of program in recognition of service field learning; housing.

Terms:​ Permits work at a job and/or schooling outside of the CSN-YSC

Summary of duties: ​Learn about and incorporate the essence of Christian Science nursing (CSN) into all aspects of ministry through an integrative learning experience that intends to bring together the development of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA), moral integrity, ethical discipline and spiritual growth. Serve at Christian Science nursing facility 4 hours per day or flexible to serve a total of 20 hours per week; schedule and choice of following duties to be determined at each CSN facility site.

Youth Corps member duties include a variety of responsibilities:

Patient Care

  • Provide Christian Science nursing assistance which includes:
    • Read to or with patients from the Bible, ​Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures​ and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and additional literature published by The Christian Science Publishing Society
    • Communicate in an ethical, moral and loving manner
    • Maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual healing and supportive of harmonious care
    • Assist patients with walks, including use of mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs
    • Assist with serving food and feeding patients
    • Facilitate Christian Science Monitor chats focused on healing
    • Develop and/or assist with activities to engage facility guests

Staff Support

  • Build relationships with Christian Science nurses and other Christian Scientists
  • Participate in facility in-service trainings
  • Collaborate with Mentor and other CSN-Service Corps member(s)
  • Partake in team building and staff support

Administrative Guidance

  • Assist and learn about facility business and management
  • Assist with administrative/clerical needs to support Christian Science nursing care
  • Assist with database development to expand outreach
  • Provide welcoming care to callers and receive outside guests
  • Engage in research & development projects (e.g. friend/fundraising)

Facility Care

  • Be involved in the physical care of facility and grounds
  • Engage in and learn from various departments (Food Service, Maintenance, Housekeeping, etc…)
  • Participate in future planning of renovations

Field Engagement

  • Initiate youth outreach to churches and beyond to broaden awareness of Christian Science nursing
  • Contribute ideas for expanding service outreach for young people
  • Research and seek out church members (especially those who are isolated) to provide care through phone outreach/check-ins and companionship and/or meal delivery
  • Assist with home care services, as needed

Self Education & Care

  • Do metaphysical preparation and study for self, the facility, the program and the world.
  • Participate in 2-week education on ethics and practice of Christian Science nursing, along with all CSN -YSM
  • Actively engage in Reflection Sessions with Supervisor/Mentor
  • Meet monthly with all CSN-YSC members

Service areas:​ Christian Science nursing facility, branch churches, Reading Rooms, local community; youth organizations

Qualities:​ Cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, receptive to Truth and Love (​Science and Health,​ p. 395); Active listening; Comfort and caring with Christly compassion; Self-initiative;