Advisory Committee

Mrs. Emma Easton Newman CSD

  • • Became a Christian Science practitioner at age 17 and a Christian Science teacher at age 19
  • • Attended Mary Baker Eddy’s last class in 1898
  • • Her Father was a pastor in The Mother Church before Mrs. Eddy instituted the textbooks as our pastors
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Leonard T. Carney CSB

  • • Trustee of the Christian Science Publishing Society 1947-1962
  • • Member of Beverly Hills Church
  • • Joined the Board of Lectureship in 1943
  • • Normal class with George Shaw Cook
  • • Christian Science War Relief Worker at Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa, where he served until after the close of World War I
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Archibald W. Edes CSB

  • • Normal Class in 1925 with Emilie Hulin
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Miss Ethel Putnam CSB

  • • Member of First Church of Christ, Scientist Pasadena, CA
  • • Normal Class in 1928 with Irving Tomlinson, Journal-listed 1928
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Dr. Walton Hubbard CSB

  • • Normal class in 1913 - Laura Sargent
  • • Native of Wisconsin where he received his early education
  • • Attended Chicago Homeopathic Medical College, and started in the practice of medicine in the state of Washington.
  • • Increasingly interested in Christian Science, he gave up the practice of medicine in 1910 and attended class instruction.
  • • Joined The Mother Church and also became a member of First Church, Spokane, in 1910. Normal class of the Board of Education in 1913 and became a teacher of Christian Science.
  • • Elected member of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship in 1916 and continued until 1926. Also served on that Board from 1937 to 1940, since which time he has been engaged in the work of a teacher and practitioner of Christian Science.
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Mrs. Elizabeth MacNeil CSB

  • • Member of First Church of Christ, Scientist Pasadena, CA
  • • Normal class in 1907 with Judge Hanna