Breaking Ground

In 1942 the Board of Directors was made aware of an estate that wished to sell 69 acres of pastoral land on Griffin Avenue. As the members of the Board and our Advisory Committee came to examine the location each took in the hillsides of grazing sheep and shepherds and recognized this as the place of quiet refuge they had intended. In March of 1946 the contract was signed to begin construction. Looking out on the hillsides with a 360 degree view our founders determined that Home Acres no longer quite fit as the name for this home. They felt the name Broadview encompassed not only the literal expansive view from our hillside, but also the metaphysical perspective of all who entered Broadview's circle. The highest idea of man exemplified in limitless capacity and boundless joy.

December 1, 1947 Broadview opened it's doors and the service of the modern day "Inn of the Good Samaritan" became available to all seeking Christian Science care.

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