As America entered WWII questions arose about the timeliness and prudence of continuing to pursue this project. Miss Ethal Putnam CSB, a founding member of our Advisory Committee and member of First Church of Pasadena spoke on this matter. “Ofcourse at this period in the history of the world, which is making so fast, everybody is becoming conscious at this moment that supply is going to be the largest question all over the world, and some have said, ‘Isn’t this a bad time for the Home to try to make its way financially?’ I don’t think so. Because we know that in Christian Science the supplying of one need does not take away the ability of Divine Mind to supply another need. Our ability to meet one need does not lessen our ability to meet another need. It is true, and I have proved it at times, that it is an actual fact that if you do the right thing to meet a need you will not have less.” – Meeting notes, July 1941