Today is the day, GivingTuesday, the official title for the global day of united radical giving. On this day of generosity, we want to give gratitude for you. We are grateful for your love, your prayers, and your financial gifts. We are grateful that you volunteer at Broadview. We are grateful for our Christian Science practitioners and teachers, our Christian Science nurses, and staff. We are grateful for every single branch of our movement. We are grateful for Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy for this unstoppable healing science. We are grateful to be the beloved children of God.

Today, as we give the gift of our third video, Jennifer Ann Gordon Perea, CS will give us an activity to remind us how to see ourselves the way God sees us. This activity is life changing.

    • Grab a dedicated notebook/journal and a favorite pen for this life-changing adventure.
    • Commit at least 5 minutes each day to hearing what God is saying to you about you.
    • Quit talking and listenlistenlisten to what God is saying to you about you and write it down. (If you feel like you can’t hear what God is saying to you about you, don’t sweat it. Just write down what God could be saying— because She is saying that, too—and soon, you’ll hear God talking to you about you.)
    • Godsnuggle!
    • Lighten up. No self-flogging allowed. Be spiritually audacious—bold, even— in accepting what God says about who you are…what you are…and how you are.
    • If you find yourself feeling wobbly along the way, review your journal to remember who you are according to God, which is the only you there is.

In the spirit of global generosity, a member of the Broadview Family has offered to double your gift with a matching donation up to $10,000 for contributions given to Broadview this GivingTuesday.

If you weren’t already, we hope you are feeling the absolute love of Godsnuggle, because that is the same love, we have for you. Thank you for providing the gift of Christian Science nursing through Broadview to all, regardless of financial means.

With love the magnitude of a Godsnuggle,

Giving ideas:

Create a Giving Circle – reach out to your friends and family personally or through social media to expand your gift!
Consider joining the Monthly Giving Group
Select Broadview as your charitable donation to support in your Amazon Smile account at no cost to you!